"I want you to come with me into eternity.

The scourge of the earth is time or past, like an alien energy from outer space it has captured the planet, completely enveloping and devouring it. Out of the earth it sucks a constant stream of life into itself, into existence, exhausting, poising and destroying it in every form. Life, in every form, cries for mercy from it; in man for freedom from it. Yet none can resist its irresistible pull to live and to live again.

Here is the mystery of life and existence. Please close your eyes again. Enter the stillness, the eternal void. If you can find enough love or awareness in yourself, you will stay conscious and realise as you go deeper that you have been here many times before. But if your love is not yet sufficient to keep you awake, you will go unconscious and when the journey through death is concluded, you will awake in a world equivalent to the love and consciences you are. You will be more at home than ever before in your life. Either way you go, conscious or unconscious  you still arrive at journeys end. You will then realise that love is the most important thing in life. And that the world of the living exists purely for the demonstration of more love. You will see how far it is from love. And you will want to tell the whole world what you have discovered. But that won’t be possible because you have to discover that and declare it and live it while you live. Everyone must discover the secret of love for themselves, if not before they die then after. No-one can be told. This is the never-never world of living on borrowed time. Its blatant disregard for the justice of who really owes who, and who really owes what, creates the vicious injustice or imbalance that never stops growing between the poor and the rich, the handicapped and the strong, the starving and the sleek, the deprived and the privileged  So appallingly ill-balanced has it all become, that only the end of time itself, which is now approaching, can settle the accounts.

We are here for the earth. We are here for life. We are here to be cosmically intelligent. When enough of us are cosmically intelligent, we will open the earth cosmic life and participate in that inconceivable reality. I am here to help you. Goodbye.”

-Barry Long


woods. (by MárioMacedo)


woods. (by MárioMacedo)


how benighted it is this game we play like endless walls that hear no screampainted faces waiting to be noticedsilent colors of the fading heart.
where the air is cleara new homefilled by the flames of ghosts voices that lead us back to silent gold runaways running between the emptiness.
listen close,to the silent nightin the darkness,a swelling running around with our consciousand love is gone.
i have dreamt of a dark endfearful for others who i can no longer seebeyond the dirt and earth 
what we haveis not enoughwhat we can is fight for love.
in the darknessbefore the dawni will fallswaying alone down to the earth like a fallen thorn 
leave the light on the light on.



how benighted it is 
this game we play 
like endless walls that hear no scream
painted faces waiting to be noticed
silent colors of the fading heart.

where the air is clear
a new home
filled by the flames of ghosts 
voices that lead us back 
to silent gold runaways 
running between the emptiness.

listen close,
to the silent night
in the darkness,
a swelling 
running around with our conscious
and love is gone.

i have dreamt of 
a dark end
fearful for others 
who i can no longer see
beyond the dirt and earth 

what we have
is not enough
what we can 
is fight for love.

in the darkness
before the dawn
i will fall
swaying alone 
down to the earth 
like a fallen thorn 

leave the light on 
the light on.


"Have you ever been alone in a crowded room?"

Anything can happen

(Source: almarsh)

Frustration is real.
When you find out
And can’t be who you wanna be.
And old dreams never die